Excited about “pooh”

Yes, that’s correct.  Some friends offered me some bags of manure from their beautiful smallholding.  They are also ex KZN folk so we have some common ground there. Yesterday I took a trip out there and spend a couple of hours chatting over coffee and then came home with four large feedbags of manure.

This morning hubby helped me open the wire ties on the bags and I tipped out some really delicious stuff.  Now isn’t that a sight for a gardener’s sore eyes?  I have been busy turning it with my present pile of home made compost and some  of the “de-stoned” soil I recovered yesterday.


The question came up about how to keep the little dogs out of the muck.  Duke in particular loves to roll in anything that excites his little nose.  Well, that’s one of the other great garden aids we invested in a couple of years ago.  We bought an electric pet fence for gardens.

IMG_9180So how does the electric pet fence work?  If you look at the top left of the picture you’ll see a small solar panel.  Around the vegetable patch is a fence of two strands of wire attached to the box under the solar panel.  If touched, the wires give just enough of a kick to deter the animal from venturing further.  Having the fence means the vegetables can grow in peace.  Now the dogs are so well conditioned that I only have to put up a couple of sticks with some string tied to them and they won’t go near.  My precious manure pile is safely behind such a little fence and I can safely say we’ll have no unholy rollers giving themselves a manure bath.  The fence is available from http://meps.co.za/

The other thing I acquired yesterday was a pile of second hand plastic plant pots from a local recycling company called Greencycle.   I had priced these pots in the garden shop and one of them costs four times what I paid for a pile of ten.  I love a bargain.  Today I’m waiting for a courier to deliver my first order of heritage seeds from Living Seeds.  This is another new chapter of my gardening adventure and will be the subject of a future post.


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