Heirloom Seeds

I have been reading up about the ills of genetically modified (GMO) seeds and crops.  It’s seems that huge corporations like Monsanto have increasingly taken control of the production of seeds worldwide.  I am no expert on the subject but I’m trying to do some research and find out why this is such a bad thing.  My friend Peta Bennet also referred me to this site on the Top 10 reasons to avoid GMO.  It seems that it’s almost impossible to buy GMO-free seeds commercially.  Some of the risks of GMO foods are documented in this article.  By joining the heirloom seed revolution, ordinary gardeners are helping promote food security for future generations.  As part of the learning curve one needs to save seed and be prepared to share and swop with other farmers with the same goal. My first order of seeds is from Living Seeds.  The linked article explains more about what an heirloom seed is.  Although I have long known about GMO and the risks of being exposed to them, I have only recently discovered what heritage seeds are.  One of the motivations for following a LCHF diet, or Banting, is to avoid those nasty GMO-contaminated carbohydrates like wheat and corn.

Now my big question is,  “If I’m going to be planting my heirloom seeds and saving seeds from the products, surely I should first destroy any crops in my garden that have been genetically modified?”  I have previously bought commercial seed packets in the local garden shop so I have no way of knowing if they are harmful.   I have posted my question on two online urban gardening sites and I’m hoping that a grow guru can answer that question for me in the next couple of days.  For now I am planning and preparing for planting my next crops.





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