The harvest begins – slowly

I think this harvest isn’t too bad for a Friday afternoon. The hard work is beginning to bear fruit. We have enjoyed green peppers, Swiss Chard, a large sweet potato, lots of lettuce, baby tomatoes, green beans, herbs, brinjals and even a butternut.  

I received my order of heritage seeds last week and I’m all excited about my little baby seedlings starting to appear in the seedling trays. I found a lovely warm, sheltered spot for the seedlings on our front verandah where they are sheltered from heavy rain and strong winds.  I feel like a very protective mommy all over again. 

Broccoli and Swiss Chard are coming first in the germination stakes but the other seeds are also just beginning to poke their delicate shoots through the soil. I know it sounds a bit silly to get excited about my vegetable garden but hey, when the world around us is unravelling it’s the simple things like fresh homegrown food that feeds body and soul. 

The long-term plan is to build some raised beds in my “farmyard”, but that may have to wait until I retire from my day job later this year.  In the meantime it’s back to Living Seeds catalogue to plan the next stage. 


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