Red Wrigglers and Vermicast

I have been thinking about a worm farm for a while but it all seemed like it would be a huge problem to set up.  I am a big fan of researching on the Internet so I went to YouTube and did a search.  This Australian gardener gave a practical and informative description of how to make and maintain a worm farm.  I showed the video to hubby and the next day he came home with all the materials and a few hours later we had the structure for our worm farm.  I am so impressed.


We placed  it under a pin oak in the corner of the garden where it will be in the shade all year around – it’s important to keep the worms cool.  Oh worms!  We have a worm farm but where will I get worms in this city?

I went back to the Internet and came across this site. Wow! The business is situated just a few kilometers from home and Charne was able to supply me with 500 red wrigglers today. I love it when a plan comes together.  So begins the next stage of our “backyard farm” development.

One of the things I’m discovering is that there is less and less waste in our home.  We’ve been recycling for quite a few years but now I find we are using a lot more of the materials we would usually send to the recyclers – like containers, cool drink bottles and cans.  This gardening thing is really producing huge benefits.  The best thing is popping out the back door and picking enough salad greens and baby tomatoes to make a salad for supper.  Today has been an exceptionally hot day here.  It’s Autumn but the temperature at one point was 37deg C.  I hope it’s followed by some drenching rain soon.



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