Big Changes and Growth

It’s been a while but I’ve been keeping busy.  After my first two boxes were installed and filled I then had the opportunity to buy and plant two more.  Access to worm tea from our worm farm is a big bonus.  The plants flourish and grow with this fertilizer boost.  I have been able to tap off a considerable amount of liquid fertilizer and it’s about time to harvest the second lot of worm cast manure.  The plants just love it.

I also use natural pest control by making a solution of bicarbonate of  soda and dish soap to keep aphids off my plants.


One of the significant changes is the installation of another tank for harvesting rainwater.  Hubby and his assistants worked very hard to get the new tank installed.


We now have a 2500 litre, a 5000 litre and a 10 000 litre tank.  They have all benefitted hugely from the recent rains.  I think there will be enough to get us through the dry times.  Now we need to do the tidy up in the area.

We then went off on holiday for three weeks.  I missed my garden and worried about it surviving whilst I was gone in spite of having friends and family who looked after the care and watering.  I returned today to get a big surprise.  I recently had a birthday and retired from my job.  As a gift from my family to mark the occasion they bought ten more big boxes and my kind son even lined them with black plastic in preparation for filling.  Wow!  I was bowled over.  Now my  “farm” can really sustain us.


The guys installed the new boxes where I used to have a vegetable bed so I lost some of my half grown crops but the benefits of these new boxes are going to more than make up for the loss.  I’m very excited and look forward to filling and planting in the next few days.  My family also gave me the gift of a voucher to buy heritage seeds and so I am well stocked and ready to let the fun begin.  Thank you to my husband and children for the awesome gift.  It’s all going to keep me off the streets and out of mischief for a while.



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